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Brain Computer Interface Drone Presentation by Jim McKeeth

Saturday, July 8th,  12:30pm – 1:30pm

I travel around the world, to places like Washington D.C., Google's headquarters in Silicon Valley, Australia, South Korea, India, Japan, Brazil, etc. teaching software developers about the latest technology in software development. One of my recent presentations was about interfacing the brain directly with computers and I have a demonstration showing how to fly a quadcopter drone using only your thoughts. I even had an engineer from the Air Force in attendance for one of my session to learn how to fly drones with your mind.

  • Chief Developer Advocate & Engineer for Embarcadero Technologies out of Austin, Texas
  • Long time software developer (25+ years)
  • Invented and patented pattern and swipe to unlock
    • US Patent # 8352745 & 6766456, etc.
  • Built thought controlled drone with Google Glass
  • Host of Podcast at
  • Lives and works from home in Nampa, Idaho, USA with family & dogs
  • Improvisational ComedySportz performer with CSz Boise
  • Contributor to Internet of Things and Data Analytics Handbook on the topic of the brain computer interface (BCI).
  • Inventor on over 26 patents
  • Contributing author for two different books on software development
  • Flew around the globe in one week
  • Guest speaker and trainer at more conferences than I can count
  • Been guest speaker on TV, in magazines, on the radio, etc. in multiple countries


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